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Lirik Lagu I Believe T.I.

Lirik Lagu I Believe T.I. – Youtube lagu dangdut makin merajai dunia maya. Mudah sekali kita temukan kumpulan lagu dangdut maupun karaoke dangdut di youtube. Namun kadang kita sulit untuk menemukan youtube dangdut lengkap dengan lirik dangdut. Oleh sebab itu kami mencoba menampilkan gabungan dari keduanya. Selain menampilkan Lirik Lagu Dangdut Terbaru, juga sedang menyiapkan agar supaya bisa download lagu dangdut terbaru. Semuanya adalah download lagu dangdut gratis dan ga perlu bayar. Tinggal pencet atau denger aja langsung. Kali ini ijinkan kami mempersembah lagu terbaru dari T.I.

Musik dangdut bukanlah hal baru di Indonesia. Banyak sekali para penggemar musik dangdut yang kesulitan untuk mencari lirik musik dangdut yang sedang mereka dengarkan. Kalau hanya sebatas lirik lagu kopi dangdut itu mudah saja. Bagaimana dengan lirik lagu dangdut yang terbaru? Itu sebabnya mencoba menghadirkan kumpulan lagu dangdut dari dangdut koplo terbaru hingga video lagu dangdut terbaru. Semuanya lengkap. Dari video lagu terbaru hingga lirik lagu terbaru. Dengan memberikan informasi lirik lagu I Believe T.I. beserta dengan video lirik lagu tersebut, kami harap para pencinta musik dapat menikmati musik dan juga ikut bernyanyi bersama. Bahkan tidak hanya itu, sekarang kamipun juga punya video lagu barat dan video pop indonesia juga. Jadi silahkan dinikmati dan jangan lupa SHARE bila anda suka.

Lirik Lagu I Believe

Lirik Lagu I Believe

[Intro: ?? ]
So Disappointed
We all disappointed
All disappointed

[Versi 1 : T.I.]
Now I believe in a lot of things
Believe karma real, Believe Allah King
Believe the bible is re-written, preacher be bullshiting
So when they speak believe not a thing
Believe M-L-King had a dream for real
He in Heaven ,and we be dealing with demons still
Like an episode of Pinky and the brain for real
Wanna run the world & rule errthing for real
Well god damn (Hol’ Up Hol’ Up)
Whatchu think will happen when you die ma man,(Die ma man)
Even better whatchu gon do when they push you in the fire ma man
Well I’m a sinner (true) but not like you
I ain’t been malicious in the shit i do
Well, i might smoke a blunt or two (ugh)
Minaj every month or two
Sell I dope to get some money, shit I wanna do law
But I can’t go to school, I ain’t go the money to
Rather give me fifty years than a scholarship
Anything to keep me outta politics
I believe politicans pull a lot of tricks
The war on drugs crack epidemic, all a dat
The death of Bob Marley & Malcom X
Pac n Biggie too , but i ain’t really sure about dat
Believe Jesus, die for my sins, dont need no forgivness for me to hide behind man
The KKK and the USA got a thang like Superman got for Lois Lane
Uncle Sam lift a lady just address Us
Grabbing on the pussy yelling “shawty that thang”
Now be clear, I ain’t tryna this ain’t no black thang or white thang
Its a dead wrong and right thang
Believe white supremacy , think i’ont see it
Everything they tryna bring down on me
Like the stop and frisk, mass incarceration that perpetuation of recidivism
That mean they create a system hard to break
That’s why millions is still behind bars today
Columbus day you believe a holiday
What about Capone and Doc Holiday
Lucky Luciano John Gotti day
Bumpy Johnson and Larry hoover day
Happy Meech day Happy Tookie day
Happy Hitler day sounds stupid aye?
That’s cause hypocrisy more American than democracy
Far as I can see the constitution won’t for folk that look like me and that’s what I believe!

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[Chorus ?? (T.I.) ]
Wanna be better but you down at the moment
Give dat shit to god it’ll be better in the morning
Still think your skin make you way more important
Naaaaahh (Hol’ up)
All this money but you still can’t afford me
Gotta sell your soul just to get up on the Forbes list
Leader of the generation , Ima get us all in

[Versi 2: T.I.]
All your plans ain’t worth for damn
Cause in front of God, you are just a man
Wanna take advantage of a lesser man
Build a wall, keeping out the mexicans
Go to standing rock and wanna poison water, just like Michigan
Now ain’t this a bitch
If I learnt anything, i’ve seen any bitch can be president (Hold up)
I say that nigga hostile, get the yellow flare in they nostril (Hold up)
God never said weapons wouldn’t form, he just said they wouldn’t prosper

[Chorus: ?? (T.I)]
Stand for your people , ya
Stand with your brother, its time with your sister, ya
Stand for your people, ya
We can’t give another fuck
Message to Americaaaaa
So Disappointing, we all disappointed
Bout to do some more play, Oh u want that OA?
How you doing numbers very similar to my case
Neighbourhood like a battlefield , we are not safe
(I believe we are not safe, I believe we are not safe)
(I belive dat what I believe dat what I believe we are not safe)
(I believe we are not safe)
(I believe dat what I believe we are not safe, dat what i believe, dat what i believe, eyy)

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